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Do I need to water the plants in the greenhouse in rainy, cold weather

Do I need to water the plants in the greenhouse in rainy, cold weather

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Dear gardeners, do you water your plants in greenhouses (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and cucumbers) in rainy, cold weather? Thanks.


Cucumbers daily, tomatoes once a week, regardless of the weather

I water if the land is completely dry, but not much. I try to water cucumbers

When it’s necessary to rain the cucumbers, but less, and the tomatoes do not water so often!

Can water be heated with gas, or is it necessary to water only heated in the sun?

this is how much water you need to heat up on gas. We pour that water that warmed up from the sun or take warm water in the bath

It’s very cold now ... Do we need to water cucumbers if it’s very cold? Cottage from the house 1km, I walk, there is no possibility to warm the water. What to do? If you do not water, then will not they die?

you can, the main thing is to be warm

Dry - watering. Wet - do not water. Warm water.

In cold weather, I try not to water it. It is warmer in a dry greenhouse, after a few days, warming is expected then you can water it.

Thanks to everyone for the answers and advice, I will not water too yet.

Now it’s cool and the water does not heat up to the desired temperature. The greenhouse is not large 3 by 8. And on the street, thunderstorms are watered.


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