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Ripening dates of cilantro and chili

Ripening dates of cilantro and chili

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I want to plant various greens in my greenhouse: cilantro, parsley, mint, basil and I really want to grow chili peppers. And in connection with this I have the following question: what are the ripening dates for these plants and when is it better to plant them? And is it possible to grow them in one greenhouse? Would greens be bitter if you plant chili peppers nearby?


Lime green is excellent and growing in the garden 🙂 The main thing for her, in addition to warmth, is more sun. Get the first crop about a month after planting. Cilantro, if you want to constantly cut fresh greens, you can finish sowing in about two weeks. But parsley is not required, once planted and harvest until late autumn. Mint can generally be planted under trees, growing like a weed. Hot pepper also begins to bear fruit very quickly.


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