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How and when is best to transplant strawberries

How and when is best to transplant strawberries

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Tell me, please, how and when is it best to transplant strawberries?


If you want berries for the next year, you need to plant them already (so that you can get along well)

I'm also interested

Girls, well, so much these last two weeks have been discussing these issues ... And the methods of transplantation (division, mustache) and where, and how, and about the mulch, and that he loves, doesn't love, and how to feed .... Personally, I already have a lot of tips gave .... Well, look in the group through a search or just look through the questions ...

but tell me, please, where is the search? I just can’t figure it out. I also wanted to quickly find advice and so far only have to leaf through (

there is a magnifying glass at the top, click on it and enter what you are looking for

Ooh thank you

I do not have a magnifying glass! how to be

click on “community posts” ... somewhere there will be a search .... sort of right in the column ...

at the very top where there is a pencil and a magnifier