Instructions for the use of the herbicide Frontier Optima, mechanism of action and consumption rates

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Frontier Optima, mechanism of action and consumption rates

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Timely applied herbicides help to significantly increase crop yields, reduce financial and labor costs. When choosing a drug, it is important to choose a product with a wide spectrum of activity that does not harm the protected crops and the environment. Such properties are possessed by Frontier Optima - a systemic herbicide of soil action.

Composition, release form of the drug Optima

The basis of the drug is dimetenamide-P at a concentration of 720 grams per liter. This is a substance of the chloroacetanilide group.

The herbicide is in the form of a concentrated emulsion, poured into plastic cans with a capacity of 5 or 10 liters. The owner of the marketing authorization is BASF.

Appointment of funds

The herbicide is classified as a soil preparation; it has the greatest effect on weeds in the germination stage. Optima's areas of activity:

  • cereal weeds (annuals);
  • dicotyledonous annuals.

The effectiveness of herbicidal action:


field buttercup






field forget-me-not



bindweed highlander




cable car Theophrastus

bindweed highlander

wild oat


shepherd's bag





field mustard

Frontier Optima is used for processing crops of soybeans, corn, sunflower, various types of beets.

How does a herbicide work?

Dimetenamide-P refers to selective drugs - it acts selectively on weeds sensitive to the substance. Optima lasts 10-12 weeks.

The herbicide damages germinating seeds; the effect on weeds in the growing season is weaker.

For the drug to show herbicidal properties, the soil layer must remain moist. Dimetenamide-P inhibits protein synthesis by stopping nitrogen exchange in germinating weed seeds. As a result, the root cannot grow, the intake of potassium slows down. The embryo dies, the plant does not grow.

Outwardly, it looks like non-germination of seeds, growing shoots of weeds become ugly, deformed and die.

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

The following advantages of using Optima are highlighted:

  • impact on a large number of weed species - the spectrum of activity is greater than that of other herbicides;
  • no negative impact on protected crops;
  • spring weeds are completely destroyed;
  • does not affect crop rotation;
  • the absence of a pronounced negative impact on the condition of the soil and the surrounding nature (not dangerous for bees).

Among the positive properties of Frontier Optima, they also highlight the possibility of using it in combination with other means for complex processing of crops.

Subject to the rules and regulations for the use of the herbicide has practically no negative effect. Only the toxic effect of dimetenamide on aquatic flora was noted.

Drug consumption measures

The use of the herbicide is regulated by the following standards:

CultureFrontier Optima application rate in liters per hectareMultiplicity
Sugar beet0.52

Fodder beets

Beetroot (excluding early varieties)


Grain corn


The working solution is applied in a volume of 200 to 300 liters per hectare.

How to prepare a working solution

For dilution of the solution, special sites are used. Before opening the canister, shake the preparation to bring the product into a homogeneous state. The required amount of Optima is poured into a tank filled with water by a third, and mixed with a hydro mixer. Add water and mix again.

Help: Optima's solution cannot be stored, it is used during the day.

Instructions for using the product

Recommended application rules ensure high herbicidal properties:

  1. The time of applying the solution to the soil is before planting or immediately after sowing.
  2. The moisture content of the soil enhances the effect of the drug.
  3. With a lack of moisture, the solution is embedded in the ground to a depth of 3 centimeters.

The manufacturer recommends pre-planting treatment of areas with a shallow embedment - this is how Optima's properties are especially pronounced. If the soil is too dry, sealing is necessary.

If, after processing the fields with Optima at a later date, perennial sow thistles, difficult-to-remove dicotyledonous weeds appeared, use:

  • Basagran - 2 liters per hectare;
  • Pulsar - 0.8-1 liter per hectare;
  • Galaxy Top - 1.3-1.7 liters per hectare.

Re-pollination of crops is carried out in the early growing season (2-4 leaves).

Drug toxicity

Optima is considered a low-toxic drug - hazard class 3 for humans, 4 - for bees.

Compatible with other substances?

The drug is compatible with herbicides - Stomp, Pyramin Turbo, Stellar, and others.

To destroy all types of weeds from sugar beet crops, a scheme has been developed for the joint use of herbicides in the mixture:

CultureOptima, liters per hectareFriendly herbicideCooking method
Sugar beet1.1-1.2Pyramine Turbo - 2 liters per hectarePyramin is first introduced into a tank filled with a third of water, stirred. Add water to half the volume. Then Optima is poured in, stirred and the water is brought to normal.

To protect soybeans, it is recommended after using Optima to carry out pollination with Basagran (2 liters per hectare).

It is important to have time to process crops again at the stage of 2-4 leaves.

Terms and conditions of storage

The herbicide is stored in chemical warehouses for no more than 36 months. It is recommended to maintain stable conditions. Exclude exposure to direct sunlight.

It is necessary to observe the temperature regime - from -10 ° to +40 °. With long-term storage of the herbicide in conditions beyond the temperature range, loss of properties is possible.

Similar means

The exact analogues of Optima are drugs:

  • Checkpoint;
  • Front;
  • Reference.

The active substance is contained in them in the same concentration - 720 grams per liter.

The group of related drugs in the chloroacetanilide class includes the following herbicides:

  • with the content of C-metolachlor - Gardo Gold, Avangard, Lumax;
  • with acetochlor - Trophy 90, Harnes;
  • with metazachlor - Butisan, Mezza, Sirius.

For the treatment of crops, preparations based on herbicides of other groups are also chosen, focusing on the types of weeds.

Frontier Optima is a frequent choice for cultivating crops due to its wide range of action and safety. The drug does not restrict crop rotation, if the regulations for use are observed, it does not harm the environment.

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