Description of the variety of tomato Zero, its characteristics and yield

Description of the variety of tomato Zero, its characteristics and yield

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At the beginning of summer, when the body lacks vitamins, early tomatoes are needed more than ever. Tomato "Zero" is suitable for this purpose, its yield is very high. And relatively small fruits are suitable for any purpose.

Basic ideas about the variety

In order to avoid mistakes when growing, you need to carefully study the description of the tomato. This information will provide an opportunity to grow a healthy plant, while increasing the yield.


  • Determinant.
  • Simple inflorescence.
  • Ripens in 100-110 days.
  • Its height is 60 cm.


  • Rounded shape.
  • Yellow color.
  • There are 6 chambers, sometimes more.
  • The density is low.
  • Weight depends on the manufacturer: Sedek 120-160 gr., State Register 230-260 gr.
  • Stored for a long time and transferred transportation.

How to properly plant and care for a plant

Suitable for growing outdoors and greenhouses. Seeds for seedlings are planted 60 days before transplanting to a permanent place. It is important to take into account the climatic features of your region.

As soon as the 2nd true leaf appears, the seedlings dive. For this, separate pots are prepared. This is necessary in order for the plant to form a stronger stem, to be ready for transplantation.

Timely feeding with drugs that stimulate growth will give the plant strength for development. It is important not to overdo it, the measure is respected in everything.

1 m2 up to 7 plants are planted. Moreover, as they grow, they are necessarily formed and tied to supports. Leave 2-3 stems, this will increase the yield.

All other farming techniques for care are similar to any other variety.

Diseases specific to the species

Tomatoes of the variety need treatment against diseases. They start from the very beginning of seed disinfection. To do this, before planting, they are kept in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then, as the plants grow, they are treated with chemicals. But only before flowering. Afterwards, it is advisable to fight with folk methods.

What are vegetables used for, the volume of the harvest

Tomatoes "Zero" are excellent for diet food. In addition, they are used for any kind of canning. As well as preparing fresh salads, soups and much more. Suitable for whole pickling.

The yield of the variety is about 7 kg from 1 m2... Since the variety is resistant to temperature changes, it bears fruit regardless of climatic conditions.

Positive and negative in the properties of a tomato

The presence of positive characteristics is decisive for most summer residents in the selection of varieties.


  • Resistant to temperature drops.
  • Productivity.
  • Unpretentiousness.
  • The fruits do not crack and are stored for a long time.
  • Used in dietary and baby food.


  • Demanding formation.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the variety of tomatoes "Zero"

Many gardeners provide invaluable help to beginners by leaving feedback on the species on the sites. They share experiences, impressions, give advice and recommendations.

  • Antonina Valerievna. I planted tomatoes for the first time. I didn’t regret that I bought this variety. The taste is excellent, if it shows itself well in preparations for the winter, I will definitely plant more.

Growing early tomatoes is mandatory, since their use compensates for the lack of certain vitamins in the body after winter.

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