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I bought more than 10 books by G.A. Kizima, read. But ... as you know, in Astrakhan the heat in the country is not every day. A sore point is watering. Water is given at certain hours, in the evening at 18 they are already turned off, often the pressure is weak, we water in the very heat, otherwise nothing. In the books of G.A. there are so many care recommendations that the question arises, “Is there time for sleep?” So many kinds of drugs that it seems to me that you need to have a staff of workers. What is the question - is it really to apply the recommendations?


What recommendations do you find most attractive?
If we talk about watering in the heat ... Often it is better not to water at all than to water open plants in the heat. There are exits with shading screens and mulching the soil (immediately after watering, for example).
You can choose plants that do not suffer from irrigation in the heat, or vice versa - drought tolerant plants and those that are grown in your region in an irrigated way.
Try to put tanks that can be filled in the afternoon for evening watering. Often, high-quality evening watering gives you one or two waterless days in the hottest season.