Description of varieties of cucumbers Esaul, Monastyrsky, Ukhazher, Pharaoh, Without hassle and others

Description of varieties of cucumbers Esaul, Monastyrsky, Ukhazher, Pharaoh, Without hassle and others

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With the onset of winter, summer residents in all corners of Russia begin to prepare for the summer cottage season, choosing varieties of agricultural crops. One of the most common and favorite varieties among gardeners is the Esaul cucumber. An unpretentious variety with a stable yield.

Characteristics of varieties of cucumbers for growing in open and closed ground

Cucumber varieties suitable for greenhouse or outdoor planting.

  • Cucumber Esaul

Refers to hybrids. It has a stable yield during fruiting, you can grow seedlings without hassle. Vegetables begin to ripen 35-40 days after germination. The main characteristic is that the hybrid belongs to the parthenocarpic varieties. Cucumbers are from 12 to 15 cm long. The skin is lumpy.

  • Monastic cucumber

Monastic cucumber is pollinated by bees. The variety is early ripe, greens appear 30 days after sowing the seeds. The length of the cucumbers is from 13 to 15 cm, the skin is lumpy. Differs in the presence of immunity to diseases. The cucumbers have a pleasant taste, the fruits are crispy.

  • Cucumber Boyfriend

Suitor F1 belongs to the late varieties, vegetables from which can be harvested until autumn. The advantage of the hybrid is a stable yield. Growing is expected primarily in a greenhouse. The skin is large lumpy, covered with white thorns. The length of the greenery is up to 20 cm.

  • Cucumber Pharaoh

Bushes are indeterminate. Branching and leafiness are average. Cucumber Pharaoh F1 is a female variety, the inflorescences are predominantly female. The skin is slightly ribbed, the shape of the greenery is elongated, the length of vegetables is from 15 to 20 cm. The description of the variety is that the hybrid is resistant to powdery mildew and rot.

  • Cucumber Sugar Baby

Cucumber Sugar Baby F1 refers to parthenocarpic, early-maturing hybrids. The plant rarely suffers from olive spot, as well as powdery mildew. Zelentsy grows in length from 7 to 9 cm. Crispy, without bitterness. The upliftness is strong.

  • Cucumber Miracle Bouquet F1

A hybrid that is characterized by strong branching and foliage. In length vegetables reach up to 14 cm. Weight is not more than 100 gr. Medium early hybrid. Mass harvesting can begin 45 days after sowing. Ripe cucumbers of this variety have a sweet taste. Great for pickles.

  • Cucumber Harmony

Cucumber Harmony F1 is distinguished by the early ripening period of zelents. The leaves are medium in size, the bush is medium-sized. The flowers are female. The skin is dark green with short light green stripes, covered with small tubercles and white thorns. Hybrid for salad purposes.

  • F1 picnic

Cucumber Picnic refers to early maturing hybrids. The ripening period for zelents is only 30 days. The flowering type is female, it is desirable to cultivate seedlings in greenhouse conditions. Zelentsy are cylindrical, slightly oval. Small, grow up to 9 cm in length. Small-knobby, the skin is covered with small thorns.

  • Volzhsky F1

It is preferable to plant seeds of this variety in the ground in the first half of April. Early hybrid. The growth period before the appearance of zelents is about 36 days. It is preferable to use for preparing salads. The length of vegetables is from 9 to 15 cm. The skin is small tuberous. The weight of one cucumber is up to 140 gr. Forms inflorescences only of the female type. The variety is suitable for growing in greenhouses. The leafiness and climbing of the bush are average.

  • Happy Friends

Happy Friends is an early salad variety that can also be used for whole pickling. Parthenocarpic type bush. Weak branching, low bush. The flowers are of the female type. The leaves are small, light green. The shape of the zelents is cylindrical, they do not grow more than 7 cm in length. There may be light stripes on the peel.

  • Bobrik F1

The Bobrik cucumber is distinguished by good yield and early ripening of fruits. It is characterized by immunity to tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporium and powdery mildew. The length of mature zelents is from 12 to 15 cm. The skin is often lumpy, white thorns are located throughout the skin. The pulp is juicy, without bitter aftertaste, crunches. The flowering type is female.

  • Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups F1 cucumbers are distinguished by good transportability. After harvesting, vegetables can be stored for a long time and not spoil. Parthenocarpic variety with early ripening of Zelentov. Cucumbers of this variety differ from all others in appearance. Their shape is round and outwardly they look like a very large gooseberry. The length of the fruit is up to 4 cm. The skin is thin, the flesh is not crispy, not bitter.

  • Cucumber Monica

Mid-season hybrid of the parthenocarpic type. Most often, the fruits are used to prepare vegetable salads. Differs in resistance to cladosporium disease. The length of vegetables is from 13 to 15 cm. The skin is lumpy, the shape of the greens is cylindrical. The weight of one vegetable does not exceed 70 grams. Side shoots are well developed.

  • Cucumber Lady's Caprice

A mid-season, high-yielding variety that is resistant to diseases such as olive spot, anthracnose and bacteriosis. You can use greens fresh, make pickled cucumbers and canned. The length of vegetables is from 6 to 9 cm. The skin is medium lumpy, thin. The pulp is crispy, there is no bitterness in the taste.

Cucumber care

How to grow cucumbers without hassle? To do this, the bushes should be regularly looked after and examined for the appearance of insects or diseases.

Correct planting of seedlings in open ground:

  • Dig up the soil and apply mineral fertilizers (you can use organic matter);
  • Stir the soil and make the beds;
  • It is possible to plant seedlings only if the first full-fledged leaves have appeared on it;
  • Plant the bushes without deepening the stem;
  • Water the seedlings with warm water with potassium permanganate;
  • Cover the bushes with a warm cloth at night to protect them from night frosts.

Mineral and organic fertilizers should be applied to the soil every two weeks. This will stimulate the growth of shoots and ovaries. If you overfeed the bushes, they will begin to actively increase the deciduous mass. Then feeding can be stopped. It is advisable to water the plants only with warm water, otherwise they can get sick and die.

Reviews about varieties from summer residents

Reviews of gardeners who decided to plant various hybrids of cucumbers on their site.

Valentine, 51 years old

“Recently we bought a plot and the thought immediately arose that we would be engaged in growing vegetables. Not without cucumbers. My sister advised me to buy the Lady's Caprice variety. The cucumbers grew very tasty and crunchy. We went for pickles. I am satisfied with the variety. "

Marina, 32 years old

“I used to buy a hybrid Miracle Bouquet. The vegetables grew quite good, but I was not delighted with them. Then I switched to the Harmony variety. I liked the cucumbers very much. All summer we ate and made salads from them. It is now a favorite variety. "

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