Useful and medicinal properties of lingonberry berries and possible contraindications

Useful and medicinal properties of lingonberry berries and possible contraindications

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Lingonberries are green bushes that belong to the lingonberry family. Their fruits are often used in traditional medicine and in cooking. Lingonberry berries have useful properties and contraindications, which should be familiarized with before using them.

How does it affect the human body

Lingonberry fruits are rich in useful microelements that have a positive effect on the body. The berries contain acids that prevent the destruction of free radicals. Thanks to this, the communicative work of vital organs and tissues is normalized. Also, regular consumption of lingonberries prevents the appearance and development of asthma, paralysis and cancer.

The berries contain trace elements that help restore a weakened female body after childbirth. Experts recommend that young mothers drink tea made from lingonberry leaves and fruits. This drink relieves the kidneys and normalizes their functioning.

Also, tea is useful in the treatment of neuroses or anemia, which many girls face.

Beneficial effect

It is no secret that the leaves and fruits of the plant are good for the human body. There are several useful properties of lingonberry, which everyone should familiarize with before using it.

For the gastrointestinal tract

Regular consumption of berries stimulates the functioning of the intestines, thereby improving appetite. Lingonberry has such an effect on the digestive tract due to the fact that it contains many organic acids. After entering the body, they enhance the production of digestive enzymes and activate salivation. Because of this, food is digested and absorbed many times faster.

The peel of young lingonberry fruits contains pectin, which cleanses the intestines from the following microelements:

  • cholesterol;
  • radionuclides;
  • toxins.

For sight

Ripe lingonberry berries contain components that improve blood flow to the eyeball and retina. By increasing the blood supply, visual acuity is improved. That is why some traditional healers and doctors advise to regularly drink lingonberry syrup and eat jam.

The berries also contain beta-carotene, which is considered an important component that improves eye function. Thanks to this vitamin, people see better in the evening and at night.

Removing parasites from the body

Often people are faced with the need to remove worms from the body. Broth made from lingonberry is considered an effective remedy for eliminating worms. The high efficiency of the fruits of this plant in the fight against parasites is due to the fact that they contain a lot of vitamin C. It improves the functioning of the immune system and protects the human body from parasites.

For the circulatory system

The lingonberry berries contain the main element that helps to strengthen the vascular walls and normalize the heartbeat - potassium. If you add dishes made from these fruits to the daily diet, blood circulation will improve and blood pressure stabilizes.

The plant is also rich in iron, which improves the production of hemoglobin. Thanks to this, the blood is saturated with oxygen faster, and the person becomes more alert and energetic.

The benefits of lingonberry in cosmetology

The leaves of the plant are often used in cosmetology. A decoction is prepared from them, which helps to strengthen the hair and get rid of dandruff. You can also prepare a mask from lingonberry fruits that tightens and moisturizes the skin.

Can lingonberries harm

Many are interested in whether products made from lingonberries can harm health. If you use them in large quantities, unpleasant complications can appear that negatively affect the well-being of people. The negative consequences include the following:

  • An increase in gastric acidity. Due to the increase in acidity in humans, duodenitis, gastritis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are exacerbated.
  • Decrease in blood pressure. It is known that with excessive consumption of fruits, water is excreted from the body. This leads to a decrease in pressure and a deterioration in well-being in people who suffer from hypotension.

How to use the berry correctly

Before eating lingonberries, you need to familiarize yourself with the main features of its use.


People often make aromatic lingonberry juice. For its preparation, half a kilogram of berries is poured with three liters of warm water. They are soaked for 25-30 minutes, after which they are squeezed out in a juicer. The resulting mixture is poured into a saucepan and heated for half an hour. The liquid is infused for 1-2 hours until it cools completely and filtered. Add 50-80 milliliters of juice to the prepared drink.

Lingonberry cocktail

Various drinks can be made from lingonberry berries, but some housewives prefer to make a milkshake. To prepare it, 150 grams of the fruit is placed in a blender and covered with sugar. Then the components are crushed, poured with milk and re-mixed in a blender. The prepared drink should be drunk within 30-40 minutes after preparation.

Compote with apples

During the preparation of the compote, a kilogram of apples is washed in water and cut into small cubes. Then they are transferred to a saucepan, filled with water and boiled. Pour 300 grams of lingonberry berries and 100 grams of sugar into the boiling mixture. The compote is boiled for 20-35 minutes, after which it can be poured into jars.

Lingonberry wine

To make wine on your own, you will need:

  • grate 2-3 kilograms of berries;
  • pour the resulting mixture into a container with a neck, fill it with 250 grams of sugar and pour 2-3 liters of water;
  • transfer the container with the mixture to a warm room for 5-6 days;
  • strain the liquid and pour it into another container with a water seal;
  • after 3-4 weeks pour the wine into bottles.

Lingonberry Healing Recipes

There are several recipes for medicinal products that are prepared from berries.

With vitamin deficiency

People with vitamin deficiency should regularly drink useful infusions, decoctions and teas from berries.

Lingonberry tea

Making lingonberry tea is quite simple. To do this, pour boiling water over 150 grams of dried berries. The drink is infused for 35 minutes, after which you can drink it.

Decoction of leaves

Some people prefer to drink decoctions from the leaves, which help to cope with vitamin deficiency. To prepare a drink, 100 grams of dry leaves are poured with boiled liquid and insisted for about an hour. This drink is drunk every day before meals.

Infusion of fruits

200 grams of berries are poured with water and insisted for at least ten hours. The tincture is drunk about three times a day.

Lingonberry juice for colds and flu

When creating a fruit drink for colds, 150 grams of fruits are poured with cool water. Then the mixture is boiled, sprinkled with sugar and a spoonful of honey is added. Morse drink every day 2-3 times.

Lingonberry fruits and leaves from fever

To create an effective remedy for temperature, 10 grams of berries and 20 grams of leaves are mixed with 30 grams of raspberries and poured with boiled liquid. The mixture is kept in a water bath for half an hour, filtered and poured into jars. The remedy is drunk daily before bedtime.

Soaked berry for gout

Ripe berries are soaked in water for 10-12 hours. Then they are tormented in a water bath for 25 minutes, after which they are insisted for 2-3 hours. The tool is used at least three times a day.

Lingonberry drink for anemia

In the fight against anemia, a drink made from lingonberry leaves is used. To prepare it, add 20-35 grams of leaves to a glass of water. The drink should be infused for 45 minutes, after which it can be drunk.


Lingonberry has a number of beneficial properties due to which this plant is often used in medicine. However, before preparing medicinal infusions and decoctions from it, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in more detail with the characteristic features of lingonberry.

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