Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Tonopa F1

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Tonopa F1

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Tomato Tonopa F1 belongs to the group of large-fruited varieties. The Dutch selection hybrid is intended for cultivation both in open and closed grounds. Professionals and amateur gardeners can work with a representative of the variety. An early maturing culture will delight you with beautiful and juicy fruits in early summer.

General information

The characteristic of the variety testifies to its positive characteristics. The culture has a developed root system. During growth, it is covered with a large number of leaves. The determinant plant bears fruit with a deep red color.

The pulp of ripe tomatoes is sugary and fleshy. They are devoid of acidity, and in some way even have a sweetish taste. Throughout the entire period of growth, the stalks have an even color without saturated green spots. The weight of one tomato reaches 200 g.

Growing features

There are no special growing rules for the variety. In order for the crop to please with yield, it is necessary to follow the general points when growing. Seeds are planted in containers with soil at the end of March. As soon as the first pair of leaves appears, the Tonopu dive.

For good growth of seedlings, it is necessary to observe the appropriate temperature regime. For the emergence of sprouts of this tomato variety, the air must fluctuate between 25 and 27 degrees. When the shoots have appeared, the temperature is lowered to 20 degrees. Indicators should not be lower than 18 degrees.

When the seedlings grow a little and get stronger, they can be transplanted to a permanent place. If planting is planned in a greenhouse, the soil should be warmed up to 18 degrees.

When planting tomatoes in open ground, it is recommended to make sure that the threat of frost has passed. For 1 sq. m. soil should not be more than 4 bushes. Adequate amount of space will promote rapid growth of the bushes and excellent yield in the future.

Pest control and yield

Hybrid Tonopa F1 is appreciated among summer residents and gardeners. It is resistant to many diseases. Although the variety produces a good crop, fertilization should not be abandoned. Usually at least 7 - 8 tomatoes are tied on one brush.

The culture cannot bear the weight of the fruit, especially if the plant has more than one cluster. In order for the fruits to fully ripen, it is better to use a brush holder.

They can be made independently or purchased ready-made. This will prevent the hybrid from wrinkling the brushes.

Growing season and transportation

Before buying seeds, summer residents carefully study the description of the culture. A person is trying to understand if tomatoes of this variety are suitable for him for growing. It takes 75 to 80 days to form and ripen the fruit. Tomatoes completely cover the branches of the plant.

Ripe tomatoes are suitable for various dishes. They are consumed fresh, used to prepare salads and snacks. Tomatoes of this variety can be rolled up for the winter separately or together with other vegetables, making an assortment. Tomatoes are appreciated for their excellent taste and unpretentious care.



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