Description of the tomato variety Madonna f1, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Madonna f1, features of cultivation and care

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A high-yielding universal variety, early maturing, resistant to diseases such as bacteriosis and macrosporiosis. Suitable for growing in unfavorable conditions. The plant is graceful, bushy, up to 0.8 m high. Tomato Madonna f1 is characterized by sweet, sugary fruits of a round shape, with excellent taste.

Description of the variety

The hybrid is intended for growing outdoors or under a film cover. The variety is versatile, has excellent taste both fresh and canned.

Main characteristics:

  • species - early maturing, determinant;
  • the inflorescence is simple, the leaf is small;
  • weight - 120 g;
  • height - 65-70 cm.

The plant has a stalk with an articulation. Fruits are round, smooth, of medium density, do not crack. Fleshy tomatoes, bright red. The bush has 3-4 nests on average. The ripening period is 85–90 days.

Features of planting and growing

Seedlings are planted at the end of March. Planting in the soil - in early May, planting density - 70x40 cm. The soil should contain a sufficient amount of humus and nutrients. Sandy loam and light loamy soil is more suitable.

Seeds are sown to a depth of 1–1.5 cm, at a soil temperature of + 20 ° C. In order to prevent, seedlings are treated with fungicides.

Garter and plant formation required. The culture is thermophilic, demanding on sunlight. Heat is one of the main factors affecting the growth, maturation and yield of a tomato. The description suggests that during greenhouse cultivation, it is important to monitor the air humidity, which should not exceed 60%. Otherwise, the culture will become less resistant to fungal diseases, which will significantly affect the amount of the crop.

Friendly fruiting. The first fruits can be obtained 95 days after germination. The yield is 15 kg / m². Finished products can be stored for a long time, they tolerate transportation well.

The variety is resistant to late blight and fusarium wilt.

Product Reviews

Gardeners note many advantages of the variety. It is worth noting a good adaptation to a film shelter, growing in a greenhouse. Plants are unpretentious in care, give a good harvest. The fruits retain their presentation for a long time.

The bushes are vigorous and well developed, making it easy to harvest. Reviews say that throughout the entire fruiting period, tomatoes retain their shape and color.

Tomatoes are delicious, used fresh or for pickling. They are quite early, they are not afraid of sudden changes in the weather. They note resistance to drought, excessive heat, soil salinization. Due to its positive qualities, the variety is popular with both experienced and novice gardeners.

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