Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Tanya

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Tanya

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Tomatoes Tanya and Tatiana should not be confused: they are completely different varieties. Tatiana is not an F1 hybrid and is produced by the Russian company Sedek, and Tanya F1 tomato is a hybrid variety of Dutch origin. The Tanya F1 tomato is a selection achievement of the Seminis company, which is part of the Monsanto agricultural holding. The Tanya F1 hybrid was entered into the Russian State Register of Seeds in 2007. It is intended for cultivation in those regions of Russia where it is possible to cultivate tomatoes in the open field.

Tomatoes Tanya F1 have passed the test of time and are loved by our gardeners. The seeds are purchased in Holland and packaged for retail sale by various Russian agricultural firms: Agros, Prestige, Aquarelle and many others. Genuine seeds are treated with a special composition and have a reddish tint. You should beware of fakes - you need to buy only reliable packaging in trusted stores.

The main advantages of the hybrid

Tanya F1 - tomatoes with many valuable characteristics:

  1. The fruits ripen in the open field.
  2. Tomatoes have a beautiful pinkish color, tasty, transportable.
  3. The bushes are low.
  4. Plants can be grown without pinching.
  5. Disease resistance is very high.
  6. Tomatoes are conveniently sized - 150 grams. Perfect in pickles and salads.

Tanya F1 is one of the best outdoor hybrids.

Standard Tomatoes

Tanya fruits are the highest quality tomatoes:

  1. The weight of one tomato ranges from 140 to 170 grams. The maximum weight is observed in the first hand - up to 200 grams. Tomatoes of the Tanya F1 hybrid almost do not shrink even by the end of the season.
  2. The brushes have a transitional structure from simple to multiparous. In Tanya F1, they are able to bear 5 - 8 fruits.
  3. The shape of tomatoes is spherical, slightly flattened on top. Ribbing is expressed to an insignificant degree. The description of the variety suggests that all the fruits are even, beautiful.
  4. The color of the skin and pulp is very elegant, appetizing, pinkish-scarlet. In the phase of technical ripeness, no green spot is observed near the stalk. The fruits are evenly colored.
  5. Tanya F1 tomatoes taste very good for a hybrid - there is no typical toughness in such cases. Tomatoes are moderately firm, high in dry matter and sugars. The acidity is not too high. The fruits are not soaked in salting.

Tanya F1 hybrid tomatoes do not spoil for a long time after ripening. They can be matured for several weeks. Do not wrinkle during collection, transfer, transportation. The skin is dense, does not crack.


Tomatoes Tanya F1 belong to the medium early category. The ripening period is approximately 110 - 120 days after full germination. The first crop is harvested, as a rule, two months after the seedlings are placed in the open field. Fruiting is extended, the release of ripe tomatoes is gradual.

Tomatoes harvested in milk ripeness are perfectly ripened.

The harvest from one square meter is at least five kilograms. With a high level of agricultural technology, the yield can reach 3 kg per plant. With a planting density of 4 - 5 pieces per square meter, it is possible to collect up to 12 - 15 kg of marketable fruits from this area. With a thickened arrangement of bushes, pinching is a mandatory procedure.

Short plants

The characteristic and description of the Tanya F1 variety as determinant assumes a small growth of the bush and its certain compactness. The length of the main stem is 50 - 75 cm. For outdoor cultivation, this is the optimal height - not large, but not too small. The bush is convenient for garters, but provides an excellent harvest.

The stems of the hybrid are strong, very powerful. The foliage is medium in size, but dense - it perfectly protects the fruits from overheating. The leaf apparatus is actively working for the harvest. Only the lowest leaves that are in contact with the soil are subject to removal.

Pinning issues

A detailed description of the Tanya F1 tomato variety is impossible without discussing the pinching problem. The creators of this hybrid offer two options for working with it.

If the gardener does not have time to remove stepchildren, a good harvest will grow even without this procedure. But you can get larger fruits, and even in the early stages.

This is achievable if you apply a single plucking of side shoots. The procedure takes very little time. They approach the bushes when the first brush blooms. As a rule, such a moment comes shortly after the tomatoes are planted in the ground, when the plants take root and start growing. At this time, it is necessary to remove all lateral shoots below the first brush, leaving small "hemp". Stepchildren won't grow back here anymore. At the same time, competing shoots that have jumped out of the ground at the foot of the main stem are neatly pulled out.

Numerous reviews of gardeners indicate the great effectiveness of such a moderate pinching. It is not recommended to harvest stepchildren growing higher along the trunk - they form the lion's share of the tomato crop. Tomato bushes Tanya F1 require a mandatory garter - you must not allow the plants to buckle under the weight of the crop.

Usually only the main stem is attached to the support, sometimes the most powerful stepchildren are also picked up. Individual brushes usually do not need to be tied.

Resistance to infections

Tomato plants can be attacked by various pathogens. Hybrid tomato Tanya F1 successfully resists the onslaught of many harmful diseases. This is how its modern genetic structure is programmed. The tomato is not susceptible to gray spot, does not get sick with verticillosis, fusarium and alternaria. The hybrid demonstrates good resistance to late blight.

As a rule, when growing the Tanya F1 variety, chemical treatments with fungicides can be dispensed with. The harvest is environmentally friendly.

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