Description of the Crimean rose tomato variety, cultivation features and yield

Description of the Crimean rose tomato variety, cultivation features and yield

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Tomatoes have long occupied leading positions in the garden beds of different parts of the world. Fruits have not only positive taste, but also store a valuable supply of vitamins and minerals. Breeders replenish tomato seed every year, creating more resistant varieties that are ready to bear fruit in the most difficult conditions. The Crimean rose tomato from the manufacturer "Gisok" is one of the varieties that have found admirers outside their native country.

General information about the tomato variety

The tomato is on the list of the State Register. The plant is recommended for cultivation in small garden plots, subject to a film cover. Under suitable climatic conditions, tomato planting can be carried out in open ground.

External features and technical data of the variety:

  • medium early, the time from germination to the beginning of ripening is 100-115 days;
  • semi-determinant;
  • tall, the bush reaches 1.5 meters;
  • the number of fruits on one cluster is 3-4 pieces;
  • powerful root system;

  • average yield, up to one kilogram of berries from one bush;
  • foliage of medium size;
  • simple type of inflorescence;
  • the first inflorescence is formed over 8–9 leaves;
  • the frequency of tying inflorescences - every three leaves;

  • persistent immunity to most viruses and diseases of nightshade crops;
  • ease of growing;
  • stress tolerance;
  • long storage period;
  • a high percentage of marketable tomatoes;
  • transportability without loss of external qualities.

Gardeners' reviews confirm the possibility of plant cultivation outside the Russian Federation. The data of Ukrainian and Moldovan vegetable growers indicate successful cultivation results. External data and technical description of the fruit:

  • mature pink or dark pink;
  • pear-shaped;
  • fleshy;
  • persistent tomato flavor;
  • large-fruited;

  • maximum weight 120 grams;
  • low-seeded;
  • medium-silver;
  • there is a spot at the stalk;
  • the minimum number of nests is from four pieces;
  • thin skin;
  • good taste;
  • there is no sourness;
  • not prone to cracking.

IMPORTANT! The fruit contains an increased content of lycopene.

The plant has a universal purpose. Tomatoes are used as a material for harvesting for the winter, ingredients for salads, drying, canning, pickling and shaping. The variety is suitable for processing into tomato products.

Growing recommendations

The main method for planting a plant is the seedling method. It is preferable to choose the beginning of spring to start preparatory work. Seed should be planted to a depth of 1–2 centimeters. Individual peat pots or simple plastic cups are suitable as containers. To simplify the work, you should purchase a universal soil for nightshade crops in the store. After sowing, the seedlings are covered with foil. In a room with plants, a temperature regime of plus 20 degrees follows. The grown seedlings require a long light period, watering with water at room temperature and loosening the soil. A week before the expected day of planting, the seedlings must be hardened.

When transplanting into the ground, it is necessary to choose the right place for the breast. It should not be in a shady or swampy area. The light-loving plant prefers a long sunny day and elevated terrain. The following plants can precede the plant: carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, parsley, cabbage or dill.

The originator advises to follow the planting scheme of 50 x 40 centimeters, provided that no more than four bushes are planted on one square meter of land.

Subsequent care measures consist of watering, removing weeds, applying complex fertilizers, loosening and tying to a trellis.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! For a long time I was looking for an unpretentious tomato variety with an unusual shape of th fruits. Last summer I got acquainted with the Crimean rose tomato. The seedlings and productivity of the plant pleased me. Almost a kilogram of tomatoes was harvested from one tomato bush. Each fruit weighs 100–150 grams and has an original pear-shaped shape. The variety loves feeding and reacts positively to abundant watering. I did not find the minuses of the plant for myself. I advise!

Gennady Vysyachkin, 44 years old

Good afternoon! For lovers of unusual tomatoes, I recommend the Crimean Rose tomato variety. Pear-shaped fruits will complement any table.

Stanislav Plekhanov, 32 years old

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