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Automatic watering

Automatic watering

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I want to put an automatic irrigation system in my greenhouse. The area is quite large, I would like the most effective option. What can you advise? Thanks in advance!


What can be advised with such meager information. Specify the parameters of the greenhouse: width, length and total area. To advise you on a specific type of drip irrigation, you should know what you are going to grow. The choice of the distance between the holes (from 10 cm to 40 cm) depends on this. Information about how you are going to use such watering is important: one season or several years. The more years of the desired period of operation, the more along the wall thickness you choose a tape (from 0.125 mm to 0.375 mm).

The hose itself for a large greenhouse is best used from a compensated emitter type tape. Such a hose does not depend on the length and angle of inclination of the surface, so that water flows smoothly under the root of the plantings.


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