What salt is better for pickling cucumbers for the winter, plain or iodized

What salt is better for pickling cucumbers for the winter, plain or iodized

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In retail stores and in nature, there are different types of salt. This product takes its necessary place in the human diet, but not all of these types are created equal. It is important to correctly determine which salt is best for pickling cucumbers for the winter. After all, if you make a mistake in your choice, then you won't be able to get a quality product.

What does the choice of salt for preservation affect?

When buying, choose between iodized, stone and sea. The choice of the right option to pickle cucumbers depends not only on the quality of the product that will result, but also on the composition.

It is widely believed that although iodized salt is good for health, it is nevertheless poorly suited for pickling vegetables.

Seafood and common food are often used to make pickles, but the former contains a much more useful composition..

Product variants

Salt is separated according to the method of extraction and processing:

  1. They can be mined underground using machines or by washing with a special solution.
  2. The deposits of this product lie at the bottom of reservoirs.
  3. It is perfectly acceptable to extract salt from seawater.

After receiving, it is purified and enriched with useful substances.

Another important feature is the size of the grains, which characterizes the salt as:

  • crushed;
  • large;
  • fine crystalline;
  • powdery.


If you use rock salt when salting, then the taste of cooked cucumbers will be classic tart. The price of this variety is lower than in other cases.

With this salting, cucumbers will retain their firmness and crunchiness. In this case, the explosion of the cans during storage is excluded.

Table salt is made on the basis of stone. The latter is mined underground using special machines.

Self-deposited is in the form of sediment at the bottom of reservoirs, gray in color and is characterized by a large amount of impurities.

There is also a vacuum evaporation, which is mined at great depths by pumping in a special solution and the salt is washed out. Then the salt is evaporated from the resulting liquid using special methods.


This type is gaining more and more popularity. It is known that a person needs to constantly eat a certain amount of iodine. On the other hand, in some areas, residents suffer from iodine deficiency. Sometimes they consume no more than 20% of the required norm. As a result, the work of the brain deteriorates, the thyroid gland suffers. Therefore, the use of such a variety has health benefits.

However, an experienced housewife knows that this salt cannot be used for salting. This affects the quality and shelf life of the pickling. This salt changes the taste of the product. A characteristic taste of iodine and its inherent slight bitterness appear in it. Gradually, the fruits soften.

There is a variety of iodized salt on sale, which, according to the manufacturers, is devoid of these disadvantages and has been processed using sodium iodate. It is believed that sodium iodanate does not decompose during heat treatment, as well as for a long time during storage.


With sea salt, you can pickle and salt with help. However, it is usually more expensive compared to stone or iodized. Its use prevents the formation of edema in those who ate a lot of pickles. Sea salt contains dozens of useful substances that make up the composition. It is believed that the use of coarse grinding is more suitable for pickling cucumbers.

What salt should I use to preserve cucumbers?

Each of the species with its own characteristics. In order to figure out the problem yourself, you should make several cans of pickled cucumbers, where different salting options were used.

Then you will need to compare the results obtained and choose the one that is most suitable.

Can cucumbers be covered with extra fine salt?

If you roll cucumbers, then it is better to use a coarse-grained product. If it is too small, then dissolution will occur quickly and the time for fermentation will be shortened. When using large crystals, dissolution will be slowed down and during this time the bacteria will cope with the salting process and the hostess will receive tasty and crispy cucumbers.

Can iodized tomatoes be salted?

It is not recommended to use such a product for tomatoes for the same reasons that it is poorly suited for canning cucumbers.

Many housewives believe that iodine reacts with the product. which can lead not only to tasteless salting, but also to the explosion of a can of tomatoes during storage.


The choice of the right salt will happen only after examining the opinions of all types. So it is quite possible to choose the best option. However, there is another way - to close several jars of cucumbers using different types of salt and form your own opinion.

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