The best recipe for making blueberry jam with lemon for the winter

The best recipe for making blueberry jam with lemon for the winter

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Bilberry in various regions of Russia is called black berry, blueberry, blueberry, blackberry. It contains a huge amount of natural antioxidants that prevent vision loss and the development of malignant tumors. Moreover, this fruit is very tasty. Blueberry jam with lemon is an excellent remedy for the prevention of colds. During an epidemic of influenza and SARS, it is better to drink hot tea with jam than to swallow medicine.

The specifics of making blueberry and lemon jam for the winter

A blueberry dessert is created in a variety of ways. But it is better not to use water to make the workpiece thick. And cooking should be done in a wide enamel bowl so that more liquid evaporates.

During cooking, the product must be constantly stirred with a wooden spatula so that it does not burn. Periodically, foam will appear, which must be removed.

Essential products for jam

The classic recipe assumes that the hostess must take the following ingredients:

  • black berries - 1 kilogram;
  • granulated sugar - 2 kilograms;
  • lemons - 2 small pieces.

The ratio of fruit to sugar is key to creating a truly delicious dessert. If you take a little sweet crystals, then the workpiece will turn out sour, it can ferment.

To make the delicacy tasty, they take twice as much sugar than all the other ingredients. Only this ratio guarantees that the product will be sweet and thick.

Ingredient selection rules

Choose a large, ripe chernega, preferably not too wrinkled. It is sorted out, removing leaves, twigs. Then put in a colander, rinsed under running cold water. In this dish, leave water to glass.

Citrus fruits are bought large, without signs of spoilage. They are also washed.

How to prepare containers for blanks

Small glass jars are selected as containers for storage. They are thoroughly washed with any soap solution, rinsed. Put to dry on a clean towel. Then the containers are pasteurized in a convenient way.

How to make blueberry lemon jam

Black berries are covered with granulated sugar, left at room temperature overnight. In the morning, the lemon along with the crust is passed through a meat grinder. Both ingredients are mixed, put on fire, brought to a boil, cooled. The heating and cooling procedure is carried out 2-3 more times.

After all the manipulations, hot jam is poured into prepared containers, sealed with plastic lids doused with boiling water.

Banks are placed on a horizontal surface, covered with an old blanket. Only after complete cooling is the container removed to a permanent storage location.

Storage conditions for treats

Fruit yummy is stored in the cellar or on the lower shelf of the refrigerator for no more than 9-10 months. After this period, vitamins and minerals begin to break down. The workpiece will remain tasty, but not healthy. It is also not allowed to freeze the product, its prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Such weather conditions lead to spoilage of the dessert. An open product should be eaten in 3-4 days.

Blueberry-raspberry jam is a healthy, aromatic, tasty preparation. Morning or evening tea with her will appeal to all family members. You can also add a sweet dessert to milk porridge, ice cream. And homemade pancakes, pancakes with a delicacy will acquire a completely different taste.

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