Description and characteristics of the variety of apple trees Sweet Nega, yield indicators and reviews of gardeners

Description and characteristics of the variety of apple trees Sweet Nega, yield indicators and reviews of gardeners

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Justifying its name, the fruits of the Sweet Nega apple tree are very tasty, without sourness. Growing this tree, the gardener will not regret it, the harvest is stable, the plant is unpretentious in care. Recommended for growing families with small children. Bred the variety L.A. Kotov, it belongs to the collection varieties.

Description of the variety, features

Before purchasing an apple tree, summer residents recommend studying the information about the variety. This will help to avoid a lot of troubles when growing. First of all, choose the right place for planting, then the small subtleties of care are taken into account.

It is better to grow a sweet Nega in an open area, the more sunlight the tree receives, the sweeter its fruits. The apple variety belongs to the summer varieties of apples. They are grown exclusively for fresh consumption or processing:

  • tree height 3.5 m;
  • branches are massive, dense;
  • the crown is strong and powerful;
  • begins to bear fruit in the 4th year;
  • apple weight up to 200 g;
  • the shade of the fruit is yellow, partially covered with a red blush;
  • the shape of the apple is varied, round, slightly flattened or elongated;
  • the taste is sweet;
  • persistent aroma;
  • stored for 1 month.

According to the tasters, the taste of apples is estimated at 4.3 points on a 5-point scale. According to a detailed description of the properties of plants and fruits, it is easier for a summer resident to decide on the choice of a variety for growing.


The listed properties of apple varieties in detail reduce the time spent on finding the necessary information. Studying it will help you avoid mistakes when planting and leaving. The result will be the receipt of the declared harvest volume. Sweet Nega has many fans and is popular with gardeners who do not like sour fruits.

Pros and cons of the variety

The presence of virtues adds to the popularity of fruit trees. Whatever the properties of the plant, the summer resident will be able to evaluate only after he grows on his site, since some indicators are assessed individually by everyone.


  • winter hardiness;
  • high productivity;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • disease resistance;
  • high commercial qualities;
  • versatility in application.


  • short shelf life;
  • exactingness to the landing site.

Each gardener will independently assess the characteristics of the variety after he grows an apple tree on the site.


An important sign for a summer resident is the volume of the harvest. The tree bears fruit regularly, there are no interruptions. According to summer residents, the yield is average.

With proper care of the apple tree, there will always be a lot of fruits.

In warm summers, the fruits are larger and sweeter, and in cooler apples they will be smaller.

Winter hardiness

Manufacturers guarantee wood resistance to temperatures as low as -42 ⁰С. Summer residents do not wrap him up for the winter, there is no need for this. For this sign, it is appreciated by gardeners of cold regions. The main purpose of the variety is to grow in regions with a harsh climate.

Disease resistance

Carrying out timely preventive treatment, adherence to planting rules and the implementation of basic agricultural techniques will lead to the fact that Sweet Nega will endure any disease.

It should be treated with chemicals before flowering and fruiting. Further, it is necessary to process using folk methods of combating pathogens.

Pests are also fought in various ways. Chemistry before flowering, after folk remedies.

Features of ripening and fruiting

The apple tree begins to bloom from the end of May to the beginning of June, it depends on the climatic conditions of the growing region. By the end of August, the first fruits are collected. The peculiarity of summer varieties of apples is that they cannot be stored.

Sweet Nega is stored very little, then it loses its commercial characteristics and taste.

Favorable growing regions

The variety is universal, suitable for growing in any region. It tolerates drought and frost perfectly.

Reviews of Sweet Nega

After reading the information about the features and characteristics of the variety, the novice gardener is looking for reviews of summer residents. In them, they share information and useful tips:

  • Zinaida: “Excellent variety. The only negative, the fruits are not stored, they are only suitable for fresh consumption and making charlotte. She is unpretentious in leaving, I especially do not do it. Only watering and feeding. I recommend it to lazy gardeners. "
  • Stanislav: “We get tasty fruits only for 4 years. At first there were few apples, now everyone is eating. Especially loved by the grandchildren. "
  • Anna: “I planted a one-year-old seedling. It got accustomed well, there were no problems. I take care of the same as for other apple trees in the garden. I feed it several times a season. I am waiting for 3-4 years to pass and I will get my first harvest. "

Sweet Nega is suitable for growing people suffering from stomach diseases, intolerance to acidic foods. Even a beginner can grow an apple tree.

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