Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Novice, yield and cultivation

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Novice, yield and cultivation

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Tomato Rookie pink - the work of L.N. Popova and L.P. Arinina. Registration in the state register was carried out in 2006. The variety was bred for open ground. Recommended cultivation area Lower Volga region.

Description of characteristics

Novichok tomatoes are drought-resistant, the ovaries do not crumble in the heat, so they can be grown in the southern regions. The plant is determinate. The bushes are not tall (50-90 cm), covered with medium-sized leaves. The support for the bushes is necessary, despite the small growth.

It is also possible to plant low-growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, which is what summer residents of the middle lane and Siberia practice. A detailed description of the newbie tomato from the manufacturer, given on the seed package, helps to correctly determine the sowing time.

The calculation takes into account the characteristic ripening period of 110-120 days. Judging by these values, the variety is mid-season. Seeds can be sown after 10 March. Below we will take a closer look at how to properly sow and process purchased seeds.


The shape of the fruit is regular, elliptical. The skin is firm, smooth. In an unripe fruit, it is green, when ripe it is pink. The size is small, since the weight usually does not exceed 113 g. The average fruit weighs 80 g. The purpose of the fruit is twofold:

  • salad;
  • raw materials for canned vegetables.

The taste of the tomato Novice is good both fresh and after processing. The pulp is dense, so the canned food is of high quality.

Yield indicators

Tomatoes can be grown for sale. Industrial cultivation of low-growing tomatoes in the open field provides a yield of up to 500 c / ha. In summer cottages, more than 10 kg of tomatoes are obtained from 1 square meter.

The bushes are compact, so plants can be planted quite tightly, observing an interval of 30 cm from hole to hole in a row, row spacing of 40-50 cm. Observing this rate, up to 6 roots of a Novice tomato can be placed on 1 m² of a ridge.

For lovers of red tomatoes

Red tomato lovers can opt for a different variety. They should pay attention to the tomato Novice deluxe, its parameters are shown in the table below.

by type of growthdeterminant
growth60-80 cm
by maturitymid-early
ripening period115-125 days
fruit colorred
fruit tastegood
the weight80 g
the formcubic
yield6 kg / m²
keeping qualitygood
appointmentfor salads and canned food
illnessresistant to fusarium, verticillosis
recommended growing regionsNizhnevolzhsky, North Caucasian

The seeds of these tomatoes are not expensive and in the fall you can get your own from ripe fruits. For beginners in the gardening business, this is the kind of tomato that you need to purchase for their first experiments.

What they say

The reviews that summer residents leave on the forums contain useful information. For novice vegetable growers, this is an aid in choosing a new variety. This is what those who planted say.

Tatiana, Volgograd region.

I decided to plant this variety on the advice of my mother. She is my inveterate gardener. I love making blanks, but I don't spend a lot of time in the garden. Therefore, my tomatoes, the Newbie, did not see much care. I did not pinch them or tie them, they grew in natural conditions. I'm not complaining about the harvest. Enough for canning, and for my favorite borsch dressing.

Natalia, Omsk region.

Liked the description of Newbie. I bought and tested a red and pink variety. The goal was specific - to grow pickled tomatoes. The result is pleasing. Both varieties are fruitful. The bushes were covered with medium-sized pinkish tomatoes. The next season, she released her red Rookie seeds. Their flesh is denser and in the marinade they are tastier than pink ones.

Tamara, Tatarstan

I have been planting tomatoes for 4 years. Beginner. We eat pink in salads, and use red in winter preparations. During the period when the tomatoes are poured, I reduce the watering. The fruits are denser and the quality of the workpieces is higher. I recommend the variety to those who are involved in harvesting.

Seed preparation

Tips will come in handy for summer residents growing seedlings for the first time. It will take a little time to prepare the seeds. First, you just need to fill them with water and let them stand for a while. Empty seeds will immediately float up, discard them, and take those that have sunk to the bottom for further processing.

At the next stage, the seed is disinfected. We are not opening anything new. We act in the old fashioned way. Fill the seeds with a pink manganese solution for 15 minutes.

If there are a couple of days before planting, a hardening procedure can be carried out. One day, put the seeds wrapped in a damp napkin in the refrigerator, the other - on the battery. Seedlings from seeds that have undergone this temperature treatment grow strong and healthy.

We sow seedlings

It's time to sow. We take a low plastic box. The sufficient height of the walls is 7 cm. We pour the soil bought in the store into it, water it, let it settle, and only after that we proceed to sowing.

You can spread the seeds over the surface and sprinkle on top with a 1 cm layer of earth. You can make shallow grooves and put the seeds in them. The main layer of soil for backfill should not exceed 1.5 cm, and the interval between seeds should be at least 3 cm.

Important. Be sure to dive the seedlings into a deeper container or separate cups. The recommended time is the 2-leaf phase.

Be sure to wrap the box with foil. Convenient to use food grade, it transmits light well and is sealed. Thanks to the film, 7-10 days can be forgotten about seedlings. It is better to put the box where it is warm (25-28 ° C). Remove the film when young sprouts hatch.

We plant in the ground

The earth has warmed up, the frost has passed. Time to carry the seedlings outside, prepare the holes and do the transshipment. The best time for these works is evening. Cloudy weather is ideal. No need to cover young plants from the sun's rays.

We take care in the summer

Carry out standard care in the summer. Weekly activities:

  • watering;
  • weeding;
  • lash garter;
  • pinching (if necessary).

Fertilize monthly:

  1. June - infusion of mullein or herbs with the addition of urea.
  2. July - nitroammophos.
  3. August - on the leaves with a solution of boric acid or milk with iodine, at the root of any phosphorus-potassium fertilizer.


If you liked the Novice tomato, its characteristics and description of the variety, be sure to buy a bag of inexpensive seeds and try them on your site. The result will please.

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