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The cat has eaten a gladiolus arrow! Will there be any sense with this tuber?

The cat has eaten a gladiolus arrow! Will there be any sense with this tuber?

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I bought bulbs of gladioli in the garden center. The variety is awesome beautiful. I did not deal with gladioli before. I bought it in mid-February and kept it in the refrigerator regularly inspecting the bulbs. And so, in early March, I discovered that the bulbs started to grow. She got it peeled, examined healthy healthy onions, good sprouts and outlines of roots. Planted in good soil in peat glasses, stand under lighting in the heat (from 20-25) gr. There is no way to lower the temperature in the apartment. Although I live without central heating (all risers are insulated, we never turn on the radiators), even in frost -45. It’s warm from the walls. There is a huge loggia, now there is all the seedlings (petunias, asters, viols, lobelia, verbena, annual dahlias, etc.) There is also a climbing rose, bought in tubes and transplanted now) These are all patches in more extreme conditions are growing. In sunny daytime, the temperature in the loggia is up to plus 28 (and this is subject to all the windows in the ”airing ” mode, at night it’s an 18-20 plus! It’s also tall, but even viola grows (somewhere around 300 roots). I highlighted gladioli more comfortable conditions - a kitchen window (window sill) The sun is softer in the morning, backlighting is not required in the evenings (as for the other patches of a phytolamp). And on Sunday, we left with the main guard of my seedling-dog! to the cottage, we come, one gladiolus gnawed! Which of the two Scottish bandits did this? You didn’t get it, it flew to both of you! ernuli, apex sgryzli sleguntsa, the bulb on the floor, three back (and they are already huge and about 20 on the bulbs) That's the question after resuscitation bulbs, whether blooming? or discard immediately?