Description of the early variety of tomato Kapitan and its characteristics

Description of the early variety of tomato Kapitan and its characteristics

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Early production from your garden is a summer resident's dream. Tomato Captain F1 will give juicy fruits in mid-July. Fresh tomatoes will diversify the family menu. Salads, juices, cold cuts will decorate the table.

Why you should pay attention to the Captain

Growing tomatoes outdoors in the Middle Lane is difficult. Summer comes late, the weather is unstable. Cold matinees fall in mid-August. Bushes are affected by late blight. The harvest is dying.

Breeders create varieties and hybrids with fast maturation. The gardeners manage to collect the fruits before the "black dews". Captain F1 is a successful development of scientists.

Description of tomato:

  • intended for cultivation in open ground and unheated greenhouses;
  • ultra early (80 days from loops to tasting);
  • determinant tomato (maximum size 70 cm);
  • in the greenhouse stretches up to 1 m;
  • leaves are bright green;
  • formation is not required;
  • yield up to 17 kg / m².

The captain is not sick with TMV, fusarium, bacteriosis. Very early ripening and amicable return of the fruit allows you to "escape" from phytophthora.

What is the difference between tomatoes

Early ripening and ultra-early tomatoes have a tough skin, dense pulp, and a sour taste. They are poured in cool weather. And so you want a real juicy berry!

The gardeners are happy to receive an early salad tomato. The captain gives just such fruits.

Tomato characteristic:

  • medium size: weight up to 130 g;
  • ripe fruits of bright red color;
  • absence of a spot on the peduncle;
  • the shape is correct, spherical;
  • a small depression at the stalk;
  • the skin is dense;
  • the pulp is juicy (dry matter - 7%);
  • sweet and sour taste (sugar 3%);
  • aroma is bright, "tomato".

Captain F1 gives the fruits of rich taste. Agronomists have developed a salad hybrid. But gardeners appreciated the sweetness of juices, ketchups, lecho. The dense skin protects the pulp from flowing out during whole-fruit canning.

Agronomist recommendations

Ultra-early varieties and hybrids require strict adherence to planting and care rules. They are simple:

  • drive out seedlings on March 20-30;
  • soil temperature before pecking 20-25 degrees;
  • after germination, remove the tray on a cool windowsill (18 degrees);
  • harden seedlings, ventilate, feed, highlight;
  • fill the ridges with mature compost in autumn;
  • in the spring, apply potash-phosphorus fertilizers to the ground (cook it yourself or buy ready-made mixtures);
  • place in the beds after the last frost;
  • at first, shade the landing from the bright sun;
  • mulch the ground (to preserve moisture and loose structure);
  • in the greenhouse, if necessary, a garter is required;
  • provide air exchange in the greenhouse;
  • to accelerate ripening, do not overexpose ripening fruits on the bush.

Tomatoes are not afraid of drafts. But at temperatures> 30 degrees, the flowers are sterilized. In the heat, the ridges should be shaded.

Captain F1 is included in the State Register of Vegetable Crops of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasian and Central Black Earth Districts... Recommended for growing outdoors in private gardens and private household plots.

What gardeners think

Gardeners talk about their experience of growing tomato Captain. Liked: the formation of ovaries under any conditions, the ripening period of tomatoes, the amicable return of the fruits, transportability. Some summer residents noticed that the taste deteriorates in cold summer. Excess nitrogen leads to overgrowth of foliage bushes.

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