Description of the Irma tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Irma tomato variety and its characteristics

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The gardener wants to taste the harvest sooner. The Irma tomato will ripen early and will delight you with delicious aromatic fruits. The variety will not leave anyone indifferent.

What is a tomato

Agrobiologists have developed a tomato for open ground. Description:

  • grows <60 cm;
  • early ripening (from germination to the first harvest of fruits 100 days);
  • average foliage;
  • resistant to macrosporiosis;
  • early return of the crop (protection against late blight);
  • a brush is formed after 2 sheets;
  • compact plant (plant 6 bushes / m²).

Tomatoes are resistant to cracking, perfectly transported. The fruits ripen well in a dark, warm place. Are stored for a long time.

Characteristics of tomatoes:

  • large (up to 300 g);
  • tough skin;
  • there is no green mark in the area of ​​the peduncle;
  • few seeds;
  • dense pulp;
  • sweet taste with sourness.

The fruits are used fresh, are good in the first salads, canned vegetables. Surplus tomatoes are preserved whole.

The peculiarity of the variety is its fast ripening, amicable fruit return. The plant feels great under temporary shelters made of film, white lutrasil. In unheated greenhouses, it stretches, the berries become smaller.

Growing rules

Irma's agricultural technology is usual. Particular attention should be paid to the need for an early-ripening tomato for regular feeding. Simple tips for a big harvest:

  • plant on seedlings around March 15;
  • after the emergence of shoots, it is imperative to illuminate with an agrolamp until 16 o'clock in the afternoon;
  • picking tomatoes into separate containers when 2 true sheets appear;
  • air the plants regularly;
  • apply mineral complexes for seedlings every 10 days;
  • disembarkation to a permanent place after return frosts;
  • shelter from the sun with non-woven fabric in the first three days;
  • mulching the soil with mowed, wilted grass, straw;
  • introduction of mineral complexes according to the manufacturer's scheme;
  • protection from pests with folk remedies or insecticides.

The plant does not require pinching, garters. Irma's bushes are prone to fruit overload. With good care, they lie on the ridges. The soil should be mulched. Who planted, knows: Irma can not stand waterlogging, overheating. The formation of ovaries stops. Sensitive to temperature fluctuations, lack of lighting. Taking into account all the characteristics contributes to obtaining high yields.

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What gardeners celebrate

Those who planted Irma are actively sharing their impressions:

  1. Summer resident: “I grew the variety in the open field. The beginning of summer was cold, the fruits were not tied well. Harvested at the stage of milk ripeness. Doze for a very long time. The pulp is firm, the skin is rough. She scalded fresh berries with boiling water, peeled them off. Next - in the salad. Tomatoes are ideal for pickling, pickling: they are not cracked. Very tasty!"
  2. An experienced gardener: “Irma grew tomatoes under cover. Seedlings were placed on a warm bed at the end of April. First I hung up a double film (it was cold), in mid-May I replaced it with lutrasil. I fed it with a complex mineral water according to the scheme. The harvest pleased us: the first tomatoes ripened at the end of June. Then I quickly and amicably collected everything. Reviews: it's nice to have early products from your garden on the table, I salted the leftovers whole. A little upset by the rough skin. I will plant it next year. "

Summer residents noted the advantages of the variety. He firmly established himself in personal plots.

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