Characteristics and description of tomato variety Pink spam

Characteristics and description of tomato variety Pink spam

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Tireless breeders are constantly working on the development of new varieties of different crops that most fully satisfy the wishes of the consumer. When choosing seeds for the next season, you should pay attention to the tomato Pink spam F1. Excellent taste and positive reviews made this tomato variety popular among buyers.

Tomato variety characteristics

The description of the variety is similar to the Oxheart tomatoes. From its predecessor, Pink Spam inherited the specific development, color and size of tomatoes. In terms of ripening, the variety belongs to the early ripening varieties (the ripening period of tomatoes is 95 - 100 days). The hybrid is adapted for growing in greenhouses, but in the southern regions it has shown itself well when grown outdoors. The variety is resistant to viral diseases, tolerant to late blight. Tomatoes are used for fresh consumption and conservation.

In terms of its economic value, Pink Spam is a tomato of an indeterminate type of development. Indeterminacy - the tendency of shoots to grow endlessly one after another. You can stop this process by tying the bush at the desired height to the vertical support and pinching the unnecessary branches. Without support, the bushes will lie on the ground, which will lead to rotting of the fruit.

This feature has its own nuances:

  • high stem guarantees good yield;
  • a tied plant is easier to care for;
  • additional costs are required for the preparation of supports;
  • longer fruiting period compared to similar varieties;
  • requires constant pinching so as not to overload the barrel.

Characteristics of tomatoes:

  • the hybrid has uniform fruits of a heart-shaped, sometimes round shape;
  • inside the tomato is pink, fleshy, multi-chamber;
  • the average weight is 150 - 300 grams;
  • smooth thin skin, resistant to cracking;
  • fruits are suitable for transportation over long distances, but not suitable for storage.

Tomatoes of the Pink Spam variety contain a large amount of vitamins and nutrients and are suitable for making diet salads, sauces and preservation.

Technological operations for growing tomatoes

Growing tomatoes for gardeners does not cause any particular difficulties, but not everyone can get a high-quality product. The yield of a crop depends on the cultivation technology, the characteristics of the tomato variety, and climatic conditions.

Soil preparation

For the rational use of the area of ​​the greenhouse or vegetable garden when growing tomatoes, the seedling method is used. Seeds are sown in special containers with drainage holes or cassettes, then transferred to a permanent place.

Ordinary soil for planting tomato seeds for seedlings will not work, so a suitable nursery must be filled with a sowing substrate.

Unlike other vegetables, tomatoes grow well on salty and highly acidic soils. Removal of nutrients from the soil per 1 ton of fruits is N - 3.2; P2 O5 1.1; K2 O - 4.6.

The land required for planting tomato seedlings must meet the following requirements:

  • high porosity - 65 - 75%;
  • low moisture content - 45 - 50%;
  • air capacity - 20 - 25%;
  • density - 0.4 - 0.6 g / cm².

A good result can be achieved by mixing the soil with peat, sawdust, humus. For germination in cassettes, a ready-made peat mixture mixed with vermiculite in a one-to-one concentration is suitable.

Planting seeds

Tomatoes are very temperature sensitive. It is necessary to sow tomatoes at a time when the soil warms up to 16 ° C. Normal growth and ripening times of this tomato variety depend on temperature.

Development phaseOptimum temperature value, ° С
DaytimeNightAverage daily
Sowing22 – 2422 – 2422 – 24
Seedling20 – 2218 – 1921 – 23
Dive20 – 2119 – 2019 – 21
Greenhouse landing20 – 2117 – 1818 – 20
Growing season20 – 2217 – 1917 – 20
Fruiting period20 – 2217 – 1917 – 20

Sowing seeds is carried out to a depth of 0.5 - 1 cm at a distance of 2 cm, the distance between the rows is 4 cm. For sowing tomatoes, use a hand seeder or a toothpick soaked in water. After that, the substrate is sprinkled with earth and moistened with warm water.

Seed germination can be checked before sowing. To do this, lower the planting material into a container of water for a few minutes. Those tomato seeds that fall to the bottom of the container are considered suitable for planting.

Next, the cassettes or boxes are covered with foil and transferred to a bright, dry place without drafts. The first and important point for obtaining friendly seedlings is maintaining humidity within 75 - 80% before germination. To do this, water the tomato nursery at least once a week.

Seedling care

The place where the seedlings grow should be well ventilated. The air temperature should be within 18 degrees, during the transplant period - 16 ° C. When two true sheets appear, a dive process is carried out. This usually happens 11 to 12 days after sowing. You need to transplant tomato bushes in a place with good lighting, but without direct sunlight.

During this period, the first feeding of tomatoes with complex fertilizer (superphosphate, azofoska, potassium nitrate) is carried out. The second feeding is carried out in two weeks. When the seedling reaches 20 cm in height, after the appearance of 9-10 well-developed leaves, it must be planted in a permanent place of growth.

Landing on the beds

Depending on the germination temperature and region, the transplanting period starts from 15 April to 15 May. It is necessary to plant in lush soil fertilized with organic fertilizer. In order for the bed to evenly warm up, it is necessary to plant in the north-south direction - so the tomatoes will not shade each other, which will make it possible to get aligned shoots.

For indeterminate varieties of tomatoes, a two-tape planting scheme is used: row spacing - 60 - 70 cm, between adjacent beds - 90 - 100 cm, distance in a row - 50 - 55 cm.

Plant formation

You need to take care of tomatoes immediately after transplanting into the ground. Description of maintenance work:

  • top dressing;
  • loosening the soil;
  • watering.

To form a strong root system of the bush, hilling is carried out. Top dressing should be started after the plant has taken root.

Complex fertilizers with a high nitrogen content are perfect as top dressing. An important role in obtaining high-quality tomatoes is played by pinching. You need to form a bush in one stem, so the tomatoes are larger.

Thus, the Pink Spam tomato variety is a high-yielding hybrid of salad purposes, which has earned positive reviews from summer residents.

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