Instructions for the use of the fungicide Orvego, description of the product and analogues

Instructions for the use of the fungicide Orvego, description of the product and analogues

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Fungicide Orvego is a popular drug that is used to protect various plantings from fungal infections. It forms a special film on the treated surface that protects against diseases. The effect lasts 1-2 weeks and depends on the climatic conditions and the severity of the problem. If you strictly follow the rules for using the product, it does not have a negative effect on people.

Composition, release form and description of the fungicide Orvego

The composition is produced in the form of a suspension concentrate. It is packaged in 1 or 5 liter plastic cans. The active components of the product are the following substances:

  • ametoctradine - helps to inhibit the enzyme in the cells of pathogenic oomycetes;
  • dimethomorph - has a systemic antisporulatory effect and quickly copes with diseases.

How does the drug work?

The tool is recommended to be used at the first symptoms of pathologies. It is permissible to use it at a temperature of + 5-25 degrees. In this case, gusts of wind should not exceed 3-4 meters per second.

Thanks to the use of the substance, a protective screen is formed on the surface of the plants. It lasts 2 weeks. Orvego is equally effective in protecting crops from the outside and from the inside.

The substance has a significant therapeutic and prophylactic effect. It is especially pronounced at the initial stage of the defeat. Thanks to the use of the substance, it is possible to avoid repeated fungal infection.

The active substances of the drug block the respiratory chain of the mitochondria. As a result, pathogens lose the energy they need to survive. Subject to the rules of use, the drug does not have a phytotoxic effect.

Advantages over analogues

The key benefits of the drug include the following:

  • innovative components in the composition;
  • high performance even in difficult weather conditions;
  • excellent protection against late blight and peronosporosis;
  • good ecotoxicological properties.

Consumption rate for different plants

Regardless of the cultivated crops, the consumption rate of the substance is 0.8-1 liter per 1 hectare of plantings.

How to prepare a working solution

To make a working solution, it is recommended to fill the tank with water one third. After that, with the mixer turned on, add the required amount of the drug.

Finally, it is worth adding the right amount of water to get the full volume.

Instructions for the use of the fungicide

The rules for using a fungicidal preparation directly depend on the crops that are planned to be processed.

Food potatoes

In this case, it is recommended to apply 0.8-1 liter of concentrate per 1 hectare of area. Plants are treated during the growing season. During the season, no more than 3 treatments are allowed. From the moment of the last spraying to harvest, at least 20 days must pass.

The tool successfully protects potatoes from the development of Alternaria and late blight.


To cope with onion diseases, it is recommended to make 0.8-1 liter of the product per 1 hectare of area. It is worth processing plantings during the growing season of the plant. The maximum number of sprays per season should not exceed 3. At least 1 month should elapse between the last application and harvest. The tool provides reliable protection of plantings from downy mildew.


When using a product for spraying cucumber beds, take 0.8-1 liter of concentrated substance per 1 hectare of area. During the season, it is allowed to carry out no more than 3 treatments. At least 14 days must elapse between the last spraying and harvest. The tool helps to prevent the development of peronosporosis.


For the treatment of diseases of tomatoes, 0.8-1 liters of concentrate are used per 1 hectare of area. The procedure is carried out during the growing season of the culture. During the season, it is permissible to carry out no more than 3 treatments of the plant. 14 days should elapse between the last spraying and harvest. The tool protects plantings from late blight and alternaria.

Safety engineering

To prevent the product from doing harm, you should adhere to the safety rules:

  • follow the instructions when preparing the solution;
  • use personal protective equipment;
  • take into account weather conditions when processing plants.

Toxicity degree

The product is considered harmless to bees and other beneficial organisms.


Fungicide can be combined with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides. Compatibility tests must be performed before combining with other products.

Storage conditions

It is permissible to store the product for 3 years. This is done at temperatures from -5 to +40 degrees.


The composition has no analogues in terms of active ingredients.

Orvego is considered an effective fungicidal drug that helps to cope with most fungal diseases. To achieve good results, you should follow the instructions.

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