Description of the variety of potatoes Rosara, recommendations for growing and reviews of gardeners

Description of the variety of potatoes Rosara, recommendations for growing and reviews of gardeners

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Russia got acquainted with potatoes in the 17th century. The valuable plant has become in demand due to its taste, ease of cultivation and nutritional value. Rosar's potatoes have maintained their leading position among gardeners for a long time. A competitive variety was obtained through the efforts of German breeders. The originator was Saka Pflanzenzucht GBR. Today he is widely known not only in his homeland, but throughout the world. In 1996 it was entered into the State Register of Russia.

General information

The emergence of new varieties could not supplant Rosara. For more than 20 years, it has been chosen for cultivation on an industrial scale and small private farms. The demand is due to a number of advantages over other members of the family. Plant cultivation is available in almost all regions of Russia. Characteristics and features of the variety:

  • Early, you can dig up the root crop at the end of August.
  • Early ripening.
  • The number of tubers from one bush is up to 24 pieces.
  • Yielding, from 100 square meters get 300 kilograms of potatoes.
  • The height of the bushes is up to 55 centimeters.
  • Large green tops.
  • Spreading.
  • It blooms with pinkish-lilac buds.
  • All root vegetables are similar in shape and size.
  • Resistance to late blight of tubers.
  • Shows a tendency to late blight of the tops.
  • Genetic immunity to potato cancer, nematode, scab.
  • Stress resistance to various weather conditions.
  • It tolerates the lack and excess of moisture well.
  • Cold resistance.
  • Resistant to lack of light.
  • Stored for a long time.
  • Suitable for long distance transportation.
  • Easy to care for.

Gardeners' reviews confirm the success of plant cultivation in places with poor soils and low summer temperatures. The plant is adapted for central Russia. Description of the appearance and technical data of root crops:

  • Oval, teardrop shape.
  • The skin is reddish in color.
  • The weight of an individual root crop is up to 40 grams.
  • Slightly rough, thin skin.
  • Small, superficial eyes.
  • Yellowish pulp.
  • Contains a small amount of starch, up to 16%.
  • Not watery.
  • Good, delicate taste.

IMPORTANT! The variety is distinguished by a high content of fatty acids.

Consumer reviews confirm the good taste of the popular Rosara potato. The root vegetable is not boiled and is often used for cooking. It is used as an ingredient in salads, potato soup, stuffing and as a side dish.

Growing recommendations

To get a decent harvest, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work. The selection and pre-treatment of the soil plays an important role. It is preferable to choose a place in an open space, not darkened. Potatoes should be planted at the site of cultivation:

  • Ogurtsov.
  • Legumes.
  • Cabbage.

IMPORTANT! Potatoes should not be planted after growing nightshade crops.

The preparatory period begins in the fall:

  • The area is cleaned of grass and remnants of previous plantings.
  • Fertilize the land with mineral fertilizers, manure.
  • Dig up a site, depth up to 30 centimeters.
  • Re-dig in March.

Experienced gardeners and residents of colder regions advise preparing seed potatoes well in advance. 20-25 days before the date of planting, it should be taken out of storage and transferred to a well-lit area. For storage, a floor or any large container is suitable. The recommended temperature regime in the room is from 15 degrees. When sprouts appear, you can start planting. The required length of shoots is no more than 5 millimeters.

Planting time of the variety is late May or early June. It is necessary to choose it based on the weather conditions. For planting, soil is suitable, warmed up to +10 degrees, and the ambient temperature should be at least +20 degrees. Planting tips:

  • The depth of the holes is up to 10 centimeters, depending on the type of soil.
  • The wells should be filled with a mixture of onion husks, humus and wood ash.
  • The distance between plantings is up to 25 centimeters.
  • The distance between the rows is 30 centimeters.

Taking care of potatoes is not particularly difficult. It is enough to comply with standard measures:

  • Timely watering.
  • Hilling.
  • Top dressing.
  • Pest control, if necessary, the treatment of the tops with an insecticide.

Gardeners' opinion

Good day! For more than 10 years I have been successfully growing potatoes on the site. Rosara potatoes correspond to the description declared by the originator. The plant shows consistently good results in the Northwest region. Potatoes are not afraid of cool summers and lack of light. There are no difficulties in leaving, it is enough to adhere to standard recommendations. I begin to dig out the harvest in late or mid-August. Root crops are distinguished by their high taste. They are stored for a long time, they are well tolerated over a distance of 1000 kilometers. I did not find any minuses for myself.

Alexander Valenok, 55 years old

Good day! The positive feedback from the neighbors opened up the Rosara potato for me. The plant is suitable for growing in central Russia. It is not afraid of most diseases and tolerates weather changes. The non-capricious variety shows a good yield when cultivated in poor soils. It begins to bloom early, you can start digging out the harvest in August. I often use root vegetables for cooking, make mashed potatoes and add them to salads. The potato has excellent taste and is suitable for an independent side dish. Not watery or too starchy. I advise!

Anastasia Polikarpova, 62 years old

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