Description of the Graceful cucumber variety, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the Graceful cucumber variety, its characteristics and cultivation

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How to choose a variety of cucumbers for planting on the site, so that later you will not regret and enjoy the harvest? Cucumber Graceful is an excellent variety suitable for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation.

Description of the variety

The cucumber variety Graceful was bred a very long time ago, in the distant 60s in the USSR by the breeder O.V. Yurina. But even now, cucumbers have not lost their popularity, and gardeners still prefer to cultivate it in their area.

The cucumber variety Graceful was entered in the State Register as a crop intended for cultivation in the Far East and Central regions. But you can grow it almost everywhere, there are no restrictions.

What is the characteristic and description of the Graceful cucumber variety? First of all, it is worth starting with the fact that cucumbers are early ones and the harvesting of zelents can begin as early as 35-40 days after the seeds have been planted in the ground and the first sprouts have appeared.

The main advantage can be considered resistance to cold snaps. Therefore, Graceful cucumbers can be grown outdoors even in northern latitudes. Plants are also not afraid of sudden drops in temperature.

The description should include the characteristics of the inflorescences. The variety belongs to bee-pollinated, which means that the inflorescences are predominantly male. Cucumbers of this variety can be planted alongside the female varieties.

The bushes are medium-growing. On each stem, 5-7 lateral shoots can form. The yield is stable, cucumbers can be harvested all summer until September. There is always a lot of harvest on the bushes.

The advantage of the plant is its resistance to diseases such as olive spot, powdery mildew.

Fruit characteristics

The second important aspect, apart from the description of the variety, is the characteristic of the fruit. Cucumbers are elongated ellipsoid. The skin is covered with large tubercles and black thorns. There can also be light green stripes. The top is also light in color. Vegetables grow in length from 8 to 15 cm. Weight can be from 125 to 155 g. The shade of the skin is rich green. The pulp is light green in color.

Cucumbers have a pleasant taste, there is no bitterness after eating, they are crispy. The pulp is dense, aromatic. Universal use in the kitchen. Vegetables can be added to salads, eaten fresh, or salted for the winter.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing the Graceful variety

There is no crop variety that everyone likes. So the cucumbers of the Graceful variety have not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Growing benefits:

  • Rapid ripening of the variety's greens;
  • High palatability;
  • Immunity to various diseases;
  • Bushes tolerate a drop in temperature;
  • Growing does not take much time;
  • The appearance of the fruit is suitable for sale;
  • Due to the fact that the inflorescences of the bushes are predominantly of the male type, the plant is suitable as a pollinator for other varieties of cucumbers;
  • When overripe, the seeds do not become tough, and the skin does not turn yellow.


  • Low yield compared to similar varieties of cucumbers;
  • Thick skin even in young and immature green leaves;
  • White spot on the side that was on the ground.

How to properly grow seedlings

The entire harvest of cucumbers depends on the correct planting of seedlings in the future. Spending a little more time to sow the seeds than usual can result in a good harvest in the summer.

How to plant seedlings correctly? Planting dates depend on climatic conditions. As a rule, seed sowing begins in April. And the planting of bushes in the ground begins in the second half of May.

Features of sowing seeds into the soil:

  • First you need to disinfect the seeds. Many manufacturers indicate this on the packages, but if the planting material is re-disinfected at home, then there will be no harm. To do this, you can use iodine or potassium permanganate. A few drops of iodine or 2 grams. Dissolve potassium permanganate in warm water and add seeds there. Leave on for 25 minutes. Rinse with water and dry until free flowing.
  • Then you can start planting in the soil. You can buy the soil ready-made or prepare it yourself. To do this, you need land from the site (it should first be warmed up to room temperature). Stir the soil with humus, wood ash, or compost.
  • For planting, it is better to use peat cups, in which then the bushes must be planted immediately into the soil on the site.
  • Water the seeds and put the cups in the sun.
  • Water as the soil dries.
  • When the first pair of full-fledged leaves appear on the bushes, they can already be planted in the ground. But if the warm weather has not yet settled, then the transplant can be postponed.
  • In order for the bushes to get used to the climate change, they can be taken out on the balcony or street for 30 minutes. But only if the weather is warm and the sun is shining.
  • The most optimal time for planting in the soil is on the 20th of May. If by this time the bushes have stretched out, they can be deepened a little.

In order to grow a good harvest, the bushes need to be regularly fed with mineral and organic fertilizers. Organics with mineral fertilizers can be alternated. The main thing is not to overfeed the cucumbers, otherwise all the nutrients will be spent on building up the deciduous mass, and not on the formation of zelents. In this case, feeding can be stopped immediately.

Reviews of gardeners about the variety

Reviews of cucumbers Graceful generally positive, but not all gardeners are happy with the yield of the bushes.

Reviews of gardeners about the variety:

Matvey, 63 years old

“The cucumbers are not bad. The seedlings sprouted well, the bushes grew healthy. There were no problems with the transfer to a permanent place either. But the yield did not please me. Expected more. I cannot say that the harvest was very poor, but I would like better results. And the cucumbers taste really delicious. "

Claudia, 32 years old

“My favorite variety. I have been growing it on my site for several years in a row. Always happy with the harvest. There are enough cucumbers for food and salt for the winter. I have never regretted that I chose the Graceful cucumbers. Very aromatic and tasty. ”

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