Potato "Meteor": a promising new product for private households

Potato "Meteor": a promising new product for private households

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Potato "Meteor" is a very early variety for universal use and is obtained as a result of the use of the hybrid "84.19 / 44" and potato cultivar "Shurminsky-2". As a rule, this variety is cultivated in the Central, Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth and West Siberian regions of our country. Potato varieties "Meteor" are quite new: it was included in the State Register in 2013.

Grade description

The characteristics, as well as a detailed description of the Meteor variety from the originator of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Agriculture named after A. G. Lorch, make this variety very interesting not only for cultivation in homestead households, but also for large agricultural complexes or private farmers.

Potato bushes are quite high, intermediate type, semi-erect. Corolla of flowers of white color. The intensity of the anthocyanin color of the inside of the corolla is absent or very weak. The leaves are medium sized, dark green in color. The first digging of potato tubers is possible a month and a half after the appearance of full germination. The period from seedlings to technical maturity is 70-75 days.

The tubers have an oval-rounded shape, the peel is yellow. Eyes of medium depth. The mass of the tuber is from 102 to 147 g. The pulp is light yellow in color and contains 12-14.9% of starch. The total yield varies from 209 to 404 kg / ha.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato varieties "Meteor" are relatively new, but now it can be described as promising due to the following advantages:

  • high productivity reaching 46.0 t / ha;
  • the shelf life of tubers is excellent during long-term storage
  • suitable for tableware and for vacuum packaging;
  • the darkening of the pulp during cleaning and cooking is completely absent;
  • the taste of potato tubers is good;
  • resistant to potato cancer, potato nematode and late blight;
  • possesses moderate resistance to alternariosis, is slightly affected by common scab and rhizoctonia.

The variety is suitable for cultivation in most regions of our country, as well as in the near and far abroad.

The best varieties of potatoes

Reviews gardeners

Potato "Meteor" earned positive reviews from gardeners. Many vegetable growers are currently replacing this variety with potato varieties that are already familiar and have long been grown in personal plots.

This wonderful variety shows excellent resistance to most of the most common diseases and pests, which minimizes the use of far from harmless chemicals.

Dates and features of landing

Variety "Meteor" responds positively to the right planting activities, which involve the following steps:

  1. Planting prepared and sprouted tubers in open ground should be carried out after heating the soil to 8-10 ° C. In most regions of our country, potatoes are planted in May.
  2. Before planting, the area reserved for potatoes must be thoroughly cleaned of plant debris. Preparation of a site for planting should begin no later than two weeks before planting, it is best to plant potatoes after garden crops such as onions, beans, cucumbers and cabbage.
  3. Potato is a light-loving vegetable crop, so it is advisable to orient the ridges in a direction from north to south.
  4. A prerequisite for obtaining a good harvest is a quality digging of the soil with the addition of peat and rotted manure. When making ready-made fertilizers, attention should be paid to the composition, which must be enriched with magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.
  5. When landing, you should adhere to a 60x35 cm pattern, as well as a landing depth of 8-10 cm.

Care Rules

The standard care for potato plantings should be modified according to weather conditions and soil conditions. Care for early varieties of potatoes should begin one week after the planting of tubers. Potatoes of the Meteor variety are capable of forming a high and high-quality crop under the following growing conditions:

  • a week after planting, the first weeding should be carried out, followed by shallow loosening;
  • to protect the planting from late frosts in the spring, high hilling of plants is carried out;
  • on average, planting potatoes should be watered about three times a month, using such a volume of water that can soak the soil by 50 cm;
  • caring for potatoes in the open ground involves basal dressing, which should be at least three for the entire growing season;
  • with insufficiently fertile soil, it is necessary to perform several foliar top dressing of potatoes with a micronutrient solution;
  • To protect potato plantings from diseases and pests, several preventive sprayings with special chemicals are carried out.

How to care for potatoes

Potato "Meteor" is characterized as a very tasty, productive and long-stored variety, which shows high promise when grown on household plots and on farms.